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Zanzibar Divers underwater world!

Zanzibar Divers is a PADI 5* Dive Centre, based in the North of the island.

We are located down a 1km winding – slightly bumpy – access road, which leads to Kendwa beach. Facing towards mainland Tanzania and with a view of Tumbatu Island, Kendwa is the best beach spot in Zanzibar well known for its stunning Sunsets and incredible wide sand bank.

Zanzibar island is one of the best places to dive, whether you are a certified diver looking for great fun dives, a beginner wishing to learn to dive or a certified diver wanting to go professional. Zanzibar Divers has it all!

We are committed to providing quality diver training and continuing education programs that include dive experiences and environmental awareness, including active participation in the local community promoting the incredible wonder that the Indian Ocean has to offer us. Zanzibar Divers offers a full range of SSI and PADI certifications.

Divers, from beginners to those who have dived all the world's most famous locations, have nothing but praise for the reefs around Zanzibar,  with depths varying from 5 to +50 meters and average visibility of 15 to 40 meters. The variety of corals and other marine life on the reefs rivals the best in the region. Over 600 species of hard and soft corals cover the reefs and Gorgonians, sea-whips, anemones, sponges and crinoids are abundant. Furthermore we're renowned for sting rays, turtles, all manner of reef fish, and gentle giants such as Whalesharks and Humback whales spotted high in season.

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